BIO VEGETABLE SOIL 20L | gardenplus

The only source of nutrients in bio vegetable soil is natural and organic materials authorized for the organic horticulture (market gardening, floriculture, arboriculture, nurseries) according to EC Regulation No. 889/2008. Suliflor BIO vegetable soil is created for growing of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and many other indoor or outdoor plants.

It’s medium structure, the nutrient-rich composition is essential to the success, cultivating vegetable crops.

Organic long lasting bio-fertilizer supplies plants with all natural nutrients up to 60-80 days. Improves rooting, flowering, fruit formation brings microbiological activity into the soil.

Peat – makes the soil very porous.  Free of weeds, diseases, and impurities.

Natural limestone. Adjusts pH of the soil, supplies essential plant nutrients Ca + Mg.

Bag sizes  20 L