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Specialized, Premium quality compost for balcony flowers and for all plants in pots or ground.

Special recommended uses: for raising flowers in pots, hanging baskets and tubs and window boxes such as Petunia, Pelargonium, Verbena, Lobelia, Pansy, Bacopa, Begonia, Tagetes, Inpatients.

Balcony plants need to be watered and fertilized regularly. Specialized quality of this compost will help with both watering and fertilization.


  • Fine soil particles increase moisture retention and help to prevent the substrate from drying out – fine dark organic particles store water at the roots of the plant.
  • Medium size soil particles aids in the porosity of the soil providing free drainage.
  • Wetting Agent improves water penetration to the roots, rapid wetting, and re-wetting.


  • Organic matter of the potting soil  contains natural biostimulants which   accelerate growth
  • High Potassium starter mineral fertilizer works immediately.
  • Combination of mineral fertilizer guarantees an optimal nutrient supply for up to 3-4 weeks(Please fertilize afterward with liquid fertilizers).
  • Compost contains special slow release trace elements.

Safety information. All components in this product are widely used in professional horticulture, no materials or amounts, which may carry a risk for people, plants, and environment. Storage time unlimited.


Soil bag size: 50L

Potting Soil 50L Ticket