Solar Powered Outdoor Mosquito & Bug Zapper | gardenplus
  • VERSATILE 2 MODES - HIGH POWERED INSECT KILLER OR SUPER BRIGHT 24 LED LAMP - Perfect to take camping fishing hiking and suitable for all outdoor activities. Just flick the switch and change from bug zapper to outdoor pathway light
  • 2 CHARGING MODES - SOLAR AND MAINS RECHARGEABLE - While predominantly designed for outdoors using the solar panel to recharge the large battery, the unit can also be charged directly using the supplied USB cable. ( charger not supplied )
  • ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY 4000mAh LI-ION BATTERY - Solar powered and will charge during the day in the sun. Can also be charged from the 110V supply using the USB cable included. Perfect for those times when shade.
  • UP TO 48 HOURS ZAPPING TIME - When fully charged the zapper will continue to work for up to 48 hours before needing a recharge

Solar Powered Outdoor Mosquito & Bug Zapper