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OFF LIMITS FORMICA - Maintaining a garden or a vegetable garden in perfect order gives satisfaction but at the same time it is a commitment; sometimes it happens to find some unwanted guests. To remove it naturally and without causing damage, Golden line offers a complete series of products for natural defense in the vegetable garden and in the garden.

OFF LIMITS ANTS naturally removes ants from the garden, plants, and homes. Thanks to its special formula based on aromatic absences, it creates a real olfactory barrier towards the ants that are removed without being eliminated. The product can be applied in all places that you want to protect from infestations both around gardens and flower beds both inside pots and on the doors of homes. No harmful to the environment & animals.

How to use, just put it on top of the soil and it can last for 30days.

Size: 900g/ can apply for 50sqm

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