Suliflor Premium Organic Compost 45L

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The only source of nutrients in SULIFLOR BIO vegetable soil are natural and organic materials authorized for the organic horticulture (market gardening, floriculture, arboriculture, nurseries) according to EC Regulation No. 889/2008. Suliflor BIO vegetable soil is created for growing of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and many other indoor or outdoor plants. It’s medium structure, nutrient-rich composition is essential to the success, cultivating vegetable crops. Safety information. Substrates have no harmful effect on people, animals and environment when used in accordance to the instructions for use. Storage time – unlimited.



Country of origin Lithuania

Organic fertilizer N-P2O5-K2O 7-7-10 kg/m3 3.5

Bag size 45L

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