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In Tuscany you'll find field after field of brilliant yellow sunflowers, swaying in the summer breeze, framed by rows of Italian cypress and olive groves. Sunflowers are the flowers of summer, loved by children because of their cheery blooms and height: great for competitions to see who can grow the tallest! It's worth taking a close look at the flowerheads too. Each one is made up of hundreds of individual flowers which work together to form a massive landing pad for bees. In autumn leave the heads on after the flowers have faded and watch the birds enjoy the seeds.

Annual. Sow seeds 1.5cm deep, from spring to early summer, in pots of potting compost or straight into the garden soil in prepared, weeded ground. Grow in full sun, in well-drained soil, and remember to protect the seedlings, slugs and snails love them! Tie the plants gently to a cane as they start to grow and grow. For best results water the soil when dry.
Horticultural nameAlto Giallo A Fiore Pieno

Size: 4g

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