Chilli Pepper Pimiento de ‘Padron’ - Capsicum annuum



In Galicia, Spain, padron chillies are thrown into a pan, tossed in hot olive oil until they blister, sprinkled with sea salt and served as tapas. They are superior quality and meaty, with an unrivalled flavour, and between 1 in 4 and 1 in 10 can be hot - the Russian roulette of chilli peppers where they say that 'one is hot and one is not'.  Traditionally they are eaten with beer – just in case!  @140seeds

Annual: Sow in spring and early summer indoors in pots of seed compost. Plant outside in the ground or larger pots of potting compost when the risk of frost has passed. Chillies do really well in containers placed on a sunny patio, and make great edible ornamentals. At the end of the summer, bring them back indoors on a sunny windowsill to extend the season.


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