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Bamboo Tiki Torches

正常價格 $80.00
銷售價格 $80.00 正常價格
  • This real oil burning torch creates incandescent natural flames for light in any outdoor setting, perfect for backyard decor or parties and celebrations.
  • Made of natural bamboo this beach party torch features a spear bottom stake to easily stick into the ground. The canisters are reinforced with a metal ring.
  • Our refillable 6 ounce kerosene containers can last for an approximate 7 hour burning time. That's enough to light your back yard or garden for an all-night party! 
  • MARK BOUNDARIES: Brighten pathways or use as decor for Luau or tropic themed parties. They are perfect for weddings, and other nighttime formal events. They are 120cm high.
  • INSECT CONTROL: Keep pesky mosquitoes and insects at bay while you enjoy the outdoors! To reap this benefit, use with an insect repelling oil like lemon eucalyptus or citronella.
  • This Bamboo Tiki Torches doesn't come with the torches oil.