Gardena Cylinder Lawnmower Comfort 400 C

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The comfort model for precision mowing as with shears

The Cylinder Lawnmower Comfort 400 C from GARDENA is a high-quality mower for lawns up to 250 m². While being pushed, the blade-equipped cylinder rotates past a fixed counter-blade. The mowing principle of the cylinder lawnmower is contactless, so that the cutting cylinder and the fixed blade do not touch at any time. Due to the very small distance between the blades, you are able to cut blades of grass as precisely as with shears. This cutting technique allows smooth and relaxed pushing as well as quiet, effective use. The cutting cylinder is non-stick coated and made of hardened quality steel. Delivering a cut that is thorough and precise ensuring that the grass looks beautifully well-manicured, just like a classic English lawn! The additional deflector on the top of the mower prevents cut blades of grass from flying upwards. You can individually set the desired cutting height in four different levels with the help of the regulator. The comfortable weight of 9.4 kg in combination with the two large wheels with special tread simplifies pushing the cylinder lawnmower and makes it smooth-running. The ergonomic, specially-shaped handle offers best guiding and handling comfort. You can fold the handle of the manual lawnmower, which makes it easy and quick to put away. Storage is therefore particularly space-saving and transport is easy. The matching accessory is the separately available GARDENA Grass Catcher (Art. No. 4029-20), which immediately collects the cuttings. The Cylinder Lawnmower Comfort 400 C is a quality product made in Europe and comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty from GARDENA.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 4022-20
EAN-Code: 4078500005074
Cutting width 40 cm
Cutting height min 12 mm
Cutting height max 42 mm
Working area capacity (±20) 250 m²
Weight 9.4 kg