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GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 1600-37

正常價格 $4,430.00
銷售價格 $4,430.00 正常價格 $4,922.00
  • Description

Powerful and particularly convenient – for the care of medium-sized lawn areas

The powerful GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 1600/37 is perfect for the care of medium-sized lawn areas. The specially hardened DuraEdge blade delivers optimal cutting results. The ErgoTec Plus handle is particularly comfortable to hold and makes pushing the lawnmower extremely easy and flexible. The QuickFit Plus feature allows especially easy central adjustment for 5 cutting height settings. Lawn combs at the sides of the housing ensure that the lawn is easily mown along walls and kerbs. The CnC Plus System enables optimal cutting and collection and reduces the frequency of emptying the catcher. The telescopic shaft and foldable handle enable the lawnmower to be perfectly adjusted to the user’s height, easy transport and space-saving storage.


Technical SpecificationsArticle No.5037-20EAN-


SpecificationsPower1600 W

Cutting width37 cm

Collector volume45 l

Cutting Height, min-max20-60 mmCutting height adjustment

CentralWorking area capacity (±20)500 m²Overall dimensions

Weight13.7 kgVibration & noise dataSound power level, guaranteed (LWA)96 dB(A)Sound pressure level at operators ear85 dB(A)

  • Efficient cutting and collection

With the CnC Plus System, the Electric Lawnmower delivers impressing results. As a result of the improved and guided air circulation, significantly more grass cuttings land in the catcher, reducing emptying frequency during mowing.

  • Ergonomic handle

    The handle, with surrounding ergonomically shaped bail arm switches, facilitates convenient and flexible operation. The ergonomic handle shape supports the natural position of the hand, making it extremely easy to push and navigate the lawnmower. The mower can be flexibly operated and activated in all handle position settings.

  • Easy cutting-height adjustment

    At the touch of a button, the QuickFit Plus central height adjustment feature makes adjusting the cutting height extremely easy.

  • Suitable for users of all heights

    The telescopic shaft can be optimally adjusted to users of any height. The folding handle can be easily folded for space-saving storage and convenient transport.

  • We provide 2 years limited warranty.

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