Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom M

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Precise, flexible and even watering for medium-sized lawns

The AquaZoom M from GARDENA is sure to prove itself indispensable, especially when the sun is shining brightly. The oscillating sprinkler can ensure that a lawn area of 9 to 250 m² is always uniformly and precisely supplied with water without the formation of puddles. Enjoy every inch of summer.
Once you use it, the wealth of configuration options are sure to please. Use the sliders to set the range (3–18 metres), spray width (3–14 metres) and water flow rate to ensure that only the intended areas are watered. If you want, you can even water just one side. The useful helper will keep your lawn in shape. Its two extra-wide supports ensure that it stands firmly. High-grade materials such as metal are used in the Made in Germany AquaZoom M to make the device durable and resistant. As a result, UV radiation and frost are not a problem for the device, while the quality of the materials are backed by an impressive 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
In addition, innovative methods are used for cleaning. Water naturally contains lime, so lime deposits can sometimes form on the spray nozzles. However, since the nozzles are made from soft plastic, they can be cleaned easily by wiping them with your finger. In addition, dirt particles are caught in the integrated rust-free metal filter so that they don’t end up in the AquaZoom M. You just need to twist open the water connection to take it out, then you can remove it easily and rinse it off under running water.

Technical Specifications

Article No.





Area coverage min

9 m²

Area coverage max

250 m²

Range of Spray (m)

3 m - 18 m

Width of spray max

14 m

Warranty in years (after registration)