Gardena ClickUp! InsectHotel

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ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system. For a garden that gives you butterflies.

The GARDENA ClickUp! InsectHotel is not only of great use for insects such as wild bees, ladybugs and butterflies, but also a stylish and modern eye-catcher in your garden! Many species of insects have increasing problems in their natural habitats to nest, hibernate or feed. With the nesting aid from the GARDENA ClickUp! all-season lifestyle system you are contributing to the preservation of the indigenous diversity of species. But not only the insects feel the benefits from the Insect Hotel: the residents of your hotel help to pollinate the plants in your garden and some even serve as biological pest controllers. Whether butterflies, ladybugs or the particularly endangered wild bees - the Insect Hotel is developed according to the latest knowledge about the nesting habits of the creatures. It offers the different inhabitants differently designed rooms and chambers. To ensure that the hotel receives many visitors, it is best to install it between late February and April at any place in your garden. For the insects it is very important that the hotel stays in its place all year round. Once the insects have settled down, they will always return to this place. The insect hotel can of course be beautifully integrated with an additional ClickUp! Handle with further products. Thanks to the protective roof and the painted frame, the house can be used all year round. So the cute little creepy crawlies find a safe, dry and comfortable home all year round. The hotel for insects is easily attached to the stand handle made of high-quality larch wood with the practical One-Click connector. Once the two ClickUp! elements are connected, the connection is stable and wobble-free. This means that residents cannot be disturbed and there is no risk of damage to the nest. By raising the pole, the house is clearly visible to the insects and easy to reach. Thanks to the simple, stylish design, the Insect Hotel harmonises perfectly with its surroundings and is an attractive eye-catcher in your garden. The FSC® 100%-certified wood comes exclusively from well-managed forestry. GARDENA offers a five-year warranty on this quality product. The all-season lifestyle system for a garden that gives you butterflies.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 11370-20
EAN-Code: 4078500054492
Use Insect protection
Diameter mm 152 mm