Gardena Classic Irrigation Control System 6030

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Automatic control system for irrigation systems with up to six valves

The GARDENA Classic Irrigation Control System 6030 is the perfect solution for comprehensive irrigation of your garden. Use it to effortlessly control your GARDENA irrigation system for your entire garden – automatically, convenient, and in a time-saving manner. The irrigation control system can control up to six valves. You can set three schedules for each valve for supplying different garden areas according to their individual water needs. In combination with an optionally available GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor, water-saving operation is possible. The irrigation control system is also compatible with standard 24 V valves. An intuitive menu ensures simple operation. The Classic Irrigation Control System 6030 from GARDENA can be installed indoors or on a rain-protected outdoor wall. No more lugging a watering can around your garden. Large areas are watered optimally and you can select individual watering settings for a range of different areas in your garden. With the Classic Irrigation Control System 6030 from GARDENA, you no longer have to worry about watering. Water Controls. The full portfolio with innovative features for automatic and water-saving garden irrigation.

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