Gardena Combisystem Patio Weeder

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For removing grass, moss, and weeds

Use the GARDENA combisystem Patio Weeder to remove moss and weed between paving stones, paving joints and wall edges. The GARDENA combisystem allows for flexible use, thanks to the exchangeable attachments. The Patio Weeder is compatible with all handles of the GARDENA combisystem and can be mounted and secured with the handle. To work comfortably without bending over, you can easily remove the handle and replace it with any combisystem handle. The combisystem Extension Handle for Hand Tools (Art. No. 8900-20) is ideal for extending hand tools. The secure connection between weeder and handle ensures that you can always work comfortably. The ergonomically formed grip with integrated soft component fits optimal in your hand and is angled at the end, so you cannot slip. The sharpened, double-sided blade made from rust-proof, tempered steel is durable. It ensures that you achieve optimal results while removing moss and weed. The Patio Weeder is equipped with a blade protection for safe storage. The combisystem Tool Rack Flex (Art. No. 3505-20) helps you with storing the weeder conveniently. The combisystem Patio Weeder convinces with 25 years of warranty. Let your tool family grow. GARDENA combisystem. Interchangeable. Durable. For any gardening task.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 8927-20
EAN-Code: 4078500023566
Use Removing grass, moss and weeds from the joints between slabs and on walls
Warranty in years (after registration) 25