Gardena Combisystem Wooden Handle 150 cm

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High-quality wood for low-vibration work

The GARDENA combisystem Wooden Handle 150 cm is ideally suited to extend your combisystem attachments. The GARDENA combisystem allows for flexible use, thanks to the exchangeable attachments. The wooden handle is compatible with all attachments of the GARDENA combisystem. The secure connection between attachment and handle ensures that you can always work comfortably. The fastening screw ensures a tight connection between handle and attachment. It is made with soft plastic components for securing the combisystem tool. The screw is safely attached in such a manner that you cannot lose it. It ensures a safe connection between handle and attachment and with its help, you can fixate the used attachment. The anodized aluminium tube ensures a safe connection and hold of the combisystem attachment. It has a plastic coating at the end of the handle. The ergonomic, waisted handle lies perfectly in your hand, thanks to the vibration-dampening ashwood. The combisystem Tool Rack Flex (Art. No. 3505-20) provides you with space-saving storage for the wooden handle. GARDENA offers 25 years of warranty on the combisystem Wooden Handle 150 cm. The FSC® 100%-certified wood comes exclusively from well-managed forestry. Let your tool family grow. GARDENA combisystem. Interchangeable. Durable. For any gardening task.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 3725-20
EAN-Code: 4078500372503
Length 150 cm
Materials Wood
Warranty in years (after registration) 25