Gardena Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario 1949

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Efficient circular sprinkler with sprinkler-turning turbine

The GARDENA Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario allows an efficient watering of your small to medium planting areas between 25 and 225 m². It has a maximum range of 17 m in diameter. You can choose the spraying angle from seven 45°-steps, from 90° to 360°, to adjust the garden sprinkler to your needs. The sprinkler-turning turbine ensures an ideal water distribution. This makes the garden irrigation even and free of puddles. With the GARDENA Tap Connector 18201/18221, you can install multiple circular sprinklers in succession. The integrated filter makes cleaning and maintaining the sprinkler easy. Thanks to the integrated metal spike, the sprinkler can be anchored in the ground and stands stable during operation. The sprinkler is compatible with the GARDENA Sprinkler Tripod 2075-20. With this combination, the sprinkler becomes a high-level sprinkler, ideal for watering high plants efficiently. The Comfort Circular Sprinkler Vario is a quality product made in Europe and is covered by five years of warranty by GARDENA.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 1949-20
EAN-Code: 4078500194907
Area coverage min 25 m²
Area coverage max 225 m²
Range of Spray (m) max. 17 m
Warranty in years (after registration) 5
Irrigation sector From 90° to 360°, 7-step sector settings in steps of 45°