Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 15 m

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Pressure-resistant and durable hose with Power Grip

The GARDENA Comfort FLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2") is 15 m long with a diameter of 13 mm (1/2"). Use it in the garden to irrigate your plants reliably or to carry out cleaning work. The hose is dimensionally stable and flexible, and its high-quality hose structure makes twisting or knotting almost impossible. The Power Grip profile ensures a stable connection and optimum hold between the hose and the hose connector or water stop. As the hose is UV and frost resistant, it can remain outdoors all year round. Thanks to its high wall thickness, the water hose has a long service life and is suitable for burst pressures of up to 25 bar. It is pollutant-free and therefore free of phthalates (<0.1%) as well as cadmium, lead and barium (<0.1%). Add to the elastic garden hose as required with other system parts or connection devices from the Original GARDENA System. GARDENA offers a 20-year manufacturer's warranty on the Comfort FLEX Hose, which is manufactured in Europe.

Technical Specifications

Article No.





Burst Pressure

25 bar

Hose length

15 m

Hose diameter

13 mm

Warranty in years (after registration)