Gardena Complete Set Pipeline with Oscillating Sprinkler

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Everything included ready for immediate installation: The underground water network for the garden, including Oscillating Sprinkler

The Complete Set Pipeline with Oscillating Sprinkler from GARDENA opens up a new and effective world of watering your garden. The Pipeline system with its underground pipes is the ideal solution, if you want to get rid of hoses in your garden. The set includes everything you need to lay a pipe from your tap into the ground via the Connecting Point, making garden watering easier. A whole 20 metres of laying pipes are at your disposal. It is even possible to branch off the pipe for a direct route in an additional direction with the help of the T-Joint, which is also included. The two Water Stations serve as practical taps where you can connect a hose or use the Oscillating Sprinkler. Use water from the Water Stations is as easy as turning on a tap in the home. Simply attach the sprinkler or a hose and the connection is made. When loosened, the water supply is immediately cut off by the integrated stop valve. You can water areas from 9 to 216 m² with the Oscillating Sprinkler evenly and precisely without creating puddles. The Connecting Point and Water Stations of the garden pipeline are each equipped with a dirt filter and the sprinkler also has its own filter. The filters can be removed for easy cleaning under running water. To protect against frost damage the Drain Valve is installed at the lowest point. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials all components of the Pipeline Set are of high quality so that they are UV-resistant. The Complete Set Pipeline with Oscillating Sprinkler is made in Europe and can be extended unlimited with Pipeline components. Water wherever it is needed. The easy access to water: pipelines below ground.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 8274-34
EAN-Code: 4078500058346
Thread 3/4" female thread
Hose length 20 m