Gardena Extension Pipe for OS 90

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For elevating the GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90

Use the Extension Pipe for the Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90 from GARDENA to adapt to the growth of your plants in the Micro-Drip-System. The pipe supports you optimally in watering plant and flower areas and raises the sprinkler by 20 to a maximum of 40 cm in order to water growing or taller plants evenly. Installation is quick and easy. Simply insert the Extension Pipe between the sprinkler head and the sprinkler base. The Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90 (Art. No. 13325-20) irrigates areas between 1 and 90 m². You can flexibly regulate the sprinkler's spray range from 1.5 to 13 m, the sprinkling width from 0.5 m to a maximum of 7 m and the water flow to optimally water your planting areas. Micro-Drip-System. Caring for your plants and every precious drop. Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 13334-20
EAN-Code: 4078500065283
Included Components 2x Extension Pipe for OS 90
Use For Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90 to water over and above high plants, can be screwed together to increase the height for growing plants