Gardena Plug 4.6 mm (3/16")

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For sealing a 4.6 mm Supply Pipe and 4.6 mm Drip Irrigation Line

The Plug 4.6 mm (3/16") from GARDENA is ideal for securely sealing the end of your 4.6 mm Supply Pipe and Drip Irrigation Line in the Micro-Drip-System. Optionally, you can also reseal an opening in the 13 mm Connecting Pipe with the Plug if you have previously pierced an opening with the Assembly Tool. Installation is convenient and simple thanks to the clever connection technology. For a reliably water-proof Micro-Drip-System and constant water pressure, combine with the separately available Master Unit 1000 (Art. No. 13333-20) or Master Unit 2000 (Art. No. 13310-20). The reusability of the MDS-components is a great advantage of the system and promotes sustainability. Simply connect the MDS-components together thanks to the Easy & Flexible connection technology, expand them flexibly and detach them easily. The quality product Plug 4.6 mm (3/16") by GARDENA is made in Europe. Micro-Drip-System. Caring for your plants and every precious drop. Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 13215-20
EAN-Code: 4078500058872
Included Components 10x Plug 4.6 mm (3/16")
Use For sealing a hole in the Connecting Pipe 13 mm (1/2"), for sealing off the Supply Pipe 4.6 mm (3/16")
Water flow 2 l/h