Gardena Pump Sprayer 1 l EasyPump

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Battery-powered Pump Sprayer for house and garden with clever extra opening

With the Pump Sprayer 1 l EasyPump, spraying your plants and flowers in your house and garden is easier than ever before. Thanks to the battery operation you can mist your plants almost effortlessly, a light press of the trigger is enough. Not only does this make for comfortable working, but also helps if constant pumping is too difficult. The additional opening on the water container makes further operation very easy. The second opening with measuring cap offers you a useful 3-in-1 function. With this it is possible to fill the pump sprayer, to measure plant protection or fertilizer and to empty it easily. The unscrewing of the dripping pump head is therefore no longer necessary. While you are watering your plants, no air is sucked in due to the 360° function inside. This means that even spraying results are always achieved with a long reach, even if the sprayer is held at an angle. Use the adjustable, high-quality full brass nozzle to choose between full jet or fine mist, depending on the needs of your plants. A further helpful feature is the translucent container, because with the Pump Sprayer 1 l EasyPump you always have the water level in view.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 11114-20
EAN-Code: 4078500052375
Ultra fine spray mist Yes