Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor

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Automatically optimized irrigation with the Soil Moisture Sensor

Watering your garden has never been so simple and accurate: The innovative Soil Moisture Sensor from GARDENA automatically ensures that your garden is watered according to demand and saves water by measuring the current soil moisture and transmitting this to your Water Control. If the soil is still sufficiently moist, the upcoming watering cycle is skipped. In this way, your plants automatically receive reliable and accurate care, while as an added bonus, you save water. The Sensor is compatible with almost all GARDENA Water Controls and Multi-Channel Controls. Due to its compact size, the battery-powered Soil Moisture Sensor can not only be used in lawns or flowerbeds, but is also suitable for smaller plant pots. To ensure that the sensor does not interfere with lawn care, it has a particularly low height and a flat surface: both lawn mowers and robotic lawnmowers can easily drive over the sensor. The five-metre long connection cable allows for flexible installation and can be extended as required with an extension cable available as an accessory. So that you have an overview of the irrigation, you can see the sensor's readings on the connected Water Control. A low battery level of the two AA batteries (not included) is indicated both on the Water Control and on the LED in the battery compartment. The batteries should last about one year in operation. This way the Soil Moisture Sensor can always work reliably to ensure watering on-demand and saving water.

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5m Moisture-Sensor-Cable