Gardena Splitting Axe 1600 S

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Splitting axe for medium-sized logs of wood

The Splitting Axe 1600 S from GARDENA is the right axe to get your hands on for splitting medium-sized logs. The wedge-shaped blade head geometry is designed to splay the wood so that you can split logs for firewood more easily. The centre of gravity is close to the axe head, which ensures proper weight distribution as well as increased striking and splitting power. Thanks to the break-proof head and handle connection, you can use as much force as you need with every blow. The hammer function on the head of the axe is used to drive wedges in easily and effectively if you want to split a larger log or chop firewood. There's always a chance that a swing can sometimes miss, but the riveted stainless steel protection on the handle means that the axe won't get damaged at all. The high-quality tool steel blade with a special coating helps to significantly reduce frictional resistance to facilitate penetration into the wood. Resins do not stick so easily, thanks to the coating. Easy and safe handling is one of the outstanding features of the Splitting Axe 1600 S. The glass fibre-reinforced plastic handle enables a high impact force through the use of the light but robust material. For even more comfort, the axe is equipped with a soft grip that prevents slipping, while the hook-shaped handle end offers a high level of safety when sliding the hands up and down the handle. GARDENA gives you a long warranty of 25 years on this quality product made in Europe. Express your vision with precision.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 8718-48
EAN-Code: 4078500015219
Length 60 cm
Weight 1.6 kg
Axe head weight 1.2 kg