Gardena Universal Axe 1000A

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Small universal axe for various types of woodworking

A light and clean cut is always possible with the Universal Axe 1000 A from GARDENA. Due to the special shape of the axe head, the small axe is very suitable for smaller woodwork such as limbing and splitting fresh and resinous wood or for removing roots. To ensure that the impact force is effectively applied, the axe is well-balanced with the centre of gravity close to its head. Combined with the break-proof head handle attachment you can make the most of each and every blow. The hammer function makes driving wedges a breeze. Use it to effectively drive wedges into larger logs so they can be split open. The hardened blade is made of premium tool steel and has a coated surface. It significantly reduces frictional resistance, which noticeably eases penetration into the wood and pulling out the axe. Due to the coating, wood resins do not stick so easily. Of course, the handling is also comfortable and safe. A sudden slip of your hands is prevented by soft components on the handle grip as well as the cow foot (hook-shaped handle end). With the Universal Axe 1000 A you will hold a quality product in your hands, which is manufactured in Europe and GARDENA gives you a long warranty of 25 years. Express your vision with precision.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 8714-48
EAN-Code: 4078500015288
Length 45 cm
Weight 1 kg
Axe head weight 0.7 kg