Gardena Starter-Set P4A PBA 18V/45 + AL 1830 CV

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The Starter-Set for all garden tools and devices of the 18 V POWER FOR ALL System

This Starter-Set consists of the GARDENA Quick charger AL 1830 CV and the 2.5Ah POWER FOR ALL battery.
The battery is fully charged within 60 minutes. The LED display on the charger indicates the charging status. You need your device to be ready for action as soon as possible: charge it up to 80% until the “Ready to go”-LED is on. For the 2.5Ah battery charging up to 80% only takes 40 minutes.
This Starter-Set fits perfect for all handheld garden tools. It is a product of the POWER FOR ALL Alliance, one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers. The set can be used in all 18V POWER FOR ALL products. This means you buy this Starter-Set with one charger and one battery for all your products. You save money and stay flexible all the times! Passion powered by GARDENA – Battery garden equipment that gives you the freedom to create.

Technical Specifications

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Battery specification

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Battery voltage

18 V

Battery capacity

2.5 Ah


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