Gardena Telescopic Pruner TCS 720/20 ready-to-use Set

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銷售價格 $2,400.00 正常價格 $2,796.00

Convenient pruning of branches high up in the trees safe from the ground

The Telescopic Pruner is used in order to execute tree-pruning activities whilst standing on the ground in a skilled, strength-saving and above all safe manner. It makes the use of ladders or strenuous clambering about in the tops of trees a thing of the past. Even branches in dense sections of treetops can be removed effortlessly, thanks to the lightweight and narrow cutting head. The tiltable cutting head provides additional comfort. However, the adjustable telescopic handle makes it possible to do more than just reach branches at a height. It is also possible to conveniently execute cutting work on the ground, for example to cut branches which have been removed from trees down to a convenient size.