Gardena Valve Box V1

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Underground installed Valve Box for one irrigation valve

The GARDENA Valve Box V1 offers a connection for an Irrigation Valve 24 V or 9 V Bluetooth®. Thanks to the telescopic screwed connection, you can install or remove the valve in no time at all. Once you have successfully connected the desired valve, the Valve Box can immediately be used in your irrigation system. The control of the Irrigation Valve is simple and user-friendly. The Valve Box can be connected to several V1 or V3 boxes if more valves are to be used. A 24 V valve can be set via a multi-channel control 4030, 6030 or the smart Irrigation Control in the smart system via app. When using an Irrigation Valve 9 V Bluetooth®, irrigation can be controlled directly via the GARDENA Bluetooth App. The Valve Box has a clearly arranged cable connection and can be installed underground in the garden. This enables protected operation of an Irrigation Valve in all weather conditions while remaining easily accessible. In addition, the cover of the in-ground box can be closed with a childproof clip. Thanks to the German-made Valve Box V1, nothing stands in the way of reliable and automatic irrigation of your garden. Water Controls: The full portfolio with innovative features for automatic and water-saving garden irrigation.

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1" male thread