Hedge Clippers Precision Cut

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Form your plants into a beautiful shape

The GARDENA Hedge Clippers PrecisionCut helps you realize your perfect vision for your garden. Thanks to the special Z-shaped handles, the hedge clippers are ideally suited for topiary. Cutting a spiral or ball shape is easily achievable, you can carry out all your bush or box tree trimming ideas. The hedge clippers support you in all aspects of cutting and working comfort. The robust glass-fiber reinforced plastic handles make the shears particularly light, meaning you can work longer without fatigue. At the same time, the ergonomically designed round symmetrical ErgoTec handles ensure a comfortable and secure grip, while the soft buffer reduces shocks, so your wrists have less impact stress while cutting. The clippers have straight and durable steel blades that deliver precise cutting. These hard-wearing blades are non-stick coated, meaning no cutting debris gets caught on the blades, and friction is reduced, resulting in higher cutting performance. The PrecisionCut is a genuine quality product that comes with a 25-year warranty from GARDENA. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective, and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners. 
Technical Specifications
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