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Garden Tools Set
Sale price$399.00
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Planter Roller with Base
Sale priceFrom $40.00
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2L pressure sprayer2L pressure sprayer
2L pressure sprayer
Sale price$60.00
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8950 Hand Trowel.png8950 3.jpg
Gardena Hand Trowel 8950
Sale price$120.00
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GARDENA Combisystem Aluminium Handle
Sale price$260.00
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IRIS Plastic Watering Can 4.5L
Sale price$80.00
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Garden Tumbler Composter 160L - Garden PlusGarden Tumbler Composter 160L - Garden Plus
Garden Tumbler Composter 160L
Sale price$1,450.00
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Gardena Garden Secateurs B/SGardena Garden Secateurs B/S
Gardena Garden Secateurs B/S
Sale price$160.00 Regular price$202.00
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8924 Hand Weeder Combi System.jpg8924 Hand Weeder Combi System 2.jpg
GARDENA Hand Weeder Combi System 8924
Sale price$140.00
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Gardena Combisystem Lawn Rake 3105
Sale price$130.00
In stock
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Gardena Garden Secateurs B/S-XLGardena Garden Secateurs B/S-XL
Gardena Garden Secateurs B/S-XL
Sale price$340.00 Regular price$390.00
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Gardena Balcony Box - Garden PlusGardena Balcony Box - Garden Plus
Gardena Balcony Box
Sale price$510.00 Regular price$686.00
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Gardena Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 50 Set - Garden PlusGardena Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 50 Set - Garden Plus
Gardena Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 50 Set
Sale price$970.00 Regular price$1,222.00
In stock
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Gardena Handtools SetGardena Handtools Set
Gardena Handtools Set
Sale price$390.00 Regular price$592.00
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Gardena Combisystem Lawn Rake 3101
Sale price$180.00
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Gardena Comfort Sensitive Plant SprayerGardena Comfort Sensitive Plant Sprayer
Gardena Comfort Sensitive Plant Sprayer
Sale price$300.00 Regular price$345.00
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Gardena Hand Trowel largeGardena Hand Trowel large
Gardena Hand Trowel large
Sale price$130.00 Regular price$158.00
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Gardena ErgoLine ForkGardena ErgoLine Fork
Gardena ErgoLine Fork
Sale price$660.00 Regular price$880.00
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8952.png8952 2.jpg
GARDENA Flower Fork 8952
Sale price$80.00
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Gardena Combisystem Hand Hoe - Garden PlusGardena Combisystem Hand Hoe - Garden Plus
Gardena Combisystem Hand Hoe
Sale price$140.00 Regular price$163.00
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Gardena Combisystem Grubber 3166
Sale price$150.00
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Hedge Clippers Nature CutHedge Clippers Nature Cut
Hedge Clippers Nature Cut
Sale price$360.00 Regular price$420.00
In stock
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Combisystem Rake 3178Combisystem Rake 3178
Combisystem Rake 3178
Sale price$200.00 Regular price$218.00
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