Tree Risk Assessment and Management Arrangement

Pruning is the most common form of tree maintenance. Proper pruning helps to remove problematic parts of the tree and improve the structure of the tree, which is beneficial to the overall health and structure of the tree and also reduces the risk that the tree may pose to people and property in the vicinity.

We follow the guidelines of the Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section, body to the head of the tree, under the supervision of a registered arborist and a registered tree climber to prune or remove the tree.

Works supervision and quotation
Tree pruning
Tree sawing and removal
Tree stabilisation
Tree fertilisation and pest control
Tree transplanting and planting

Tree Group Inspection and Risk Assessment (Form 1 )
A comprehensive survey and basic inspection of all trees within the lot area, with recommendations for tree maintenance.

Detailed Individual Tree Risk Assessment (Form 2)
Detailed inspection and risk assessment of individual trees with problems / potential risks, and tailor-made solutions to mitigate potential risks such as tree collapse.

Tree Sign Customisation Service
We provide tree sign design, customisation and installation services to facilitate future tree management and correspondence with government departments.

Tree Removal Application Form
To prepare applications for tree removal on behalf of our clients to the relevant government departments for their records or follow-up (including tree collapse due to construction works or natural disasters, and broken branches causing injury to people, etc.)

Handling of tree related complaints (e.g. tree removal applications)
When a letter of prosecution is received from a government department, the case should be referred to a qualified Arborist for a detailed assessment, who will provide professional advice, make appropriate risk mitigation recommendations or remedial solutions, and prepare a record report for the client.

Compensatory Seed Value Plan

The ISA registered arborist will prepare a letter of intent on behalf of the client to submit a compensatory planting proposal to the relevant government authorities based on the actual site conditions and the client's requirements.
After the submission of the report, will continue to be maintained in order to respond more effectively to government requests.

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