Lifetime Villa Garden Storage Box

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Color classification: Light brown
Installation: DIY
Sale price$2,400.00 Regular price$2,900.00


Brand : Lifetime

Small outdoor storage ,water proof and sun protection and easy assemble 

Model: 60285
Material: Body: HPDE  Accessories: Metal
Colour: Brown (Body) Light Brown (Cover)
Customer can easily install or 
we can provide installation service ( Pay On Delivery)
L 150.7 X W 71.9 X H 69.1 cm (Outer range)
L 142.2 X W 63.5 X H 64.2 cm (Inner range)
150 Gallon (567.8L)
Weight : 23.97 kg

Box cover load Bearing: 113.39 kg (250lb)

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