Indoor Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree)

Color classification: Plastic Pot
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Pachira aquatica, is a sought-aftehouse plant that has attractive

umbrella-like leaves and an easygoing nature. It's often sold with a braided trunk.

Pachira aquatica goes by many names – water chestnut, guinea nut, Guiana chestnut,
provision tree, French peanut, Malabar chestnut, Mexican fortune tree, dollar plant and
saba nut. Part of the Malvaceae family, it's a tropical evergreen tree, native to central
and south America, where it can reach 20m tall and produces edible nuts. Despite its
damp native habitat, it doesn't need a huge amount of watering – it can store water at
the base of its swollen stems.

According to the Chinese art of feng shui, a properly placed money tree is considered

tree of prosperity – good fortune is said to be trapped within the trunk and the

five-lobed leaves are also considered lucky.

Plant height: 1.7-1.8 meter

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