Endive Escarole Scarola Verde - Frachi D121/3

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*Heritage Variety*

L42 -Scarola Verde a Cuor Pieno: Classic escarole. This is one of the better cooking varieties, in my opinion, and has a large head with a golden heart that melts in the mouth. The most widely known Scarola in Italy. As used by Gennaro Contaldo on BBC Saturday Kitchen 23/12/06 for his dish 'Duck with Pomegranate and Escarole'. 
Dont be tempted to sow them in the spring along with your other lettuces, you won't get very good results. It's endive, not lettuce, even if it looks more like lettuce. They need heat initially to germinate and start their journey, and then cold to develop. Most varieties are very hardy and will tolerate sub-zero. There are several varieties of escarole and endive; the open-headed ones should be tied up about seven to ten days before harvest to blanch the heart and make them tender. Or you can just stick a bucket on top and, when you harvest that head, move the bucket to the next one. Be lazy – use an elastic band. Be even lazier and plant them closer than the standard 20 cm apart, so they all bunch up and blanch themselves.

Approximate seeds quantity: 12g
Sow: from June to the end of August.
Suitable for winter cultivation

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