Gardena Pressure Regulator

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Constant pressure reduction to a maximum of 3.1 bar

With the GARDENA Pressure Regulator, you can compensate pressure fluctuations in your GARDENA Sprinklersystem. The compact product combines pressure regulation and filtration, which ensures an easy installation and saves you money. The constant water pressure of a maximum of 3.1 bar for all following components makes sure that there are no damages to your Sprinklersystem caused by too high pressure. Thanks to the integrated filter with pre-mounted 155-mesh-stainless-steel-sieve, the product is protected from dirt. The removable lid allows you easy access to the filter so that you can clean or replace it. The Pressure Regulator is suited for a water flow of 0.45 to 4.3 m³ per hour and offers you high flexibility. Thanks to the 1" male thread, you can connect the Pressure Regulator effortlessly to the GARDENA Quick & Easy connectors as well as GARDENA pipes. The Pressure Regulator is made from heavy-duty, glass-filled nylon and withstands the highest quality standards. In combination with the Valve Box (Art. No 1290-20), the Pressure Regulator can be installed under the ground. The Sprinklersystem that understands your lawn. Trustworthy, water-efficient lawn irrigation.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 8200-20
EAN-Code: 4066407002227
Thread 1" male thread

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