Gardena Pressure Sprayer 5 l Plus

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The comfortable Pressure Sprayer for plant care with wide-reaching spray

If you want to spray bushes, vines, trees or other plants with accuracy, the Pressure Sprayer 5 l Plus from GARDENA is a very good choice. It is equipped with numerous useful functions that will give you a helping hand to mist your plants. You will find a second opening with integrated measuring cap on the container. You can use this opening to conveniently fill the spray bottle, measure insecticide and empty it after use. Before use, you build up pressure in the 5 litre container by pumping the handy, wide D-handle up and down. The feet ensure a safe stand during the operation. Thanks to the viewing strip you always have the fill level in view. The sprayer is equipped with a second handle that helps when lifting and carrying. Thanks to the padded carrying straps, the sprayer lies comfortably on your shoulder. The telescopic spraying lance with angled nozzle ensures a long range and flexible use. In order to be prepared for different requirements in spray irrigation, use the different settings of the angled spray nozzle. Here you have the choice between a jet or a misting nozzle. In addition, a flat spray nozzle is available for precise work in narrow spots. The second handle also has a practical hose winder so that you can wrap the hose around the handle after use. A nylon filter is also included with the pressure sprayer as an accessory. Insert it, which makes it possible to strain home-made mixtures for plant care. Interesting recipe ideas for this are also included. This natural plant protection provides your plants with additional nutrients and at the same time protects them from pests.
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