Gardena T-Joint 1/2" – 3/16"

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For the easy transition from the Supply Pipe to the Connecting Pipe

The T-Joint 1/2" – 3/16" by GARDENA offers you a convenient transition from the 13 mm Connecting Pipe to the 4.6 mm Supply Pipe in the Micro-Drip-System. The five included T-Joints have two inlets and outlets each for the Connecting Pipe, and one inlet and outlet for the Supply Pipe. The connector is very useful when you want to branch off from the Connecting Pipe to the individual plants in the bed or in plant pots or troughs. Thanks to the patented connection technology, you can expand your Micro-Drip-System in the garden quickly, easily and flexibly. The clever symbolism ensures intuitive installation. The feedback click as a clearly audible signal in the closed position gives you a reliable feeling during installation. You can easily connect, flexibly extend and disconnect the components thanks to the patented Quick & Easy connection technology. The reusability of the MDS-components makes the entire system sustainable. When combined with the separately available Master Unit 1000 (Art. No. 13333-20) or Master Unit 2000 (Art. No. 13310-20), the Micro-Drip-System is reliably water-proof with even water pressure. With the T-Joint 1/2" – 3/16" you get a GARDENA quality product made in Europe. Micro-Drip-System. Caring for your plants and every precious drop. Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 13204-20
EAN-Code: 4078500058971
Included Components 5x T-Joint 13 mm (1/2") – 4.6 mm (3/16")
Use For transition from Connecting Pipe Flex 13 mm (1/2") (Art. No. 1347/1346) to Supply Pipe 4.6 mm (3/16") (Art. No. 1348/1350)
"Quick & Easy" Connection Technology Yes

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