Indoor Polyscias Balfouriana Bailey Plant ( Money Pocket)

Color classification: 0.6- 0.8 m Plastic Planter
Sale price$650.00


  • Polyscias balfouriana Bailey faux plant, height approx. 70cm
  • Perfect for enlightening interior with green hues,
  • Without having too much water.
  • Hassle Free and Eye pleasing. Good Fengshui inviting with round shaped leaves
  • Great for photo-taking to set interior mood.
  • Polyscias likes a warm, humid and sunny environment, tolerant to half shade,
  • Prefer not cold, and afraid of drought.
  • It can be placed in a brightly lit room for a long time in the family.
  • In summer pay attention to avoid direct sunlight outside, keep the pot soil moist


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