Lifetime House Gardening Tool Sundries Storage House

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Color classification: Light brown
Installation service: DIY
Sale price$18,500.00 Regular price$22,000.00


Brand : Lifetime

7 x 7 feet outdoor storage house ,water proof and sun protection and easy assemble 

Model : 60271
Material: Body : HPDE  Accessories : Metal
Color : Brown
Customer can easily install or 
we can provide installation service ( Pay On Delivery)
Lockable cover
L 204.4 X W 204.4 X H 227.6 cm (External Dimension)
L 206.6 X W 209.8 cm (Floor space)
L 137.7 x W191.7 cm (Door size)
L214.6 x W 214.6 cm (Roof size)

One window 

Product feature : Natural ligting 


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