Teak Sofa and Coffee Table Set

Specification: Combination
Color classification: L-shaped sofa (320*250*85 * H68CM)
Sale price$32,400.00


• Perfect for the patio, rooftop, porch, or sunroom.

• All furniture will take 14 - 21 days to order.

• The pictures above are for reference only. The real object should be considered as final. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our member service representatives.

Size (in cm)
L-shaped sofa (320*250*85 * H68CM)
Combination B(330*310*85 * H65CM)
Combination C(315*245*85 * H65CM)
Combination D(250*250*85 * H65CM)
Combination E(225*245*85 * H65CM)
Combination F(250*180*85 * H65CM)
Combination G(180*180*90 * H65CM)
Single seat (90*85 * h65CM)
Single corner (85*85 * h65CM)
Armless Single (70*85 * h65CM)
Double seat (165*85 * H65CM)
Double corner (160*85 * h65CM)
Armless Double (140*85 * h65CM)
Double with side table (150*85 * h65CM)
Pedal (70*85*40CM)
Single concubine lying bed (90*180 * h65CM)
Double bed (180*180 * H65CM)
Double bed Concubine lying bed(155*180 * H65CM)
Stone tea table (85*85CM)
Wood surface coffee table (85*85CM)
Wood side table (80*30CM)
Stone side table (80*30CM)

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