HILITE Solar Light H6023-650

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Product description

  Post light| DC3.7 V | LED 2.2 W

· Body and bracket in die-cast aluminium
· Powder coated with pretreatment for outdoor use
· Clear PC
· 2 Watt solar panel
· Silicon rubber gasket
· H6021:1x2200mAh lithium battery; H6023:1x1900mAh lithium battery
· H6021 Charge: 6-8H(sunshine); H6023 Charge: 5-7H(sunshine)
· H6021 Work time: 100% of light 2.5-3H, 15% of light 20H-25H; H6023 Work time: 100% of light 2.2-2.6H,15% of light 17H-22H
· Designed by Franco Pagliarini
. Product size: 200mm x 100mm x H650mm
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