MixO' Plus Organic Compost 「加樂泥」有機堆肥

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MixO’ Plus Organic Compost is a high-quality organic compost derived from recycling organic waste from local food factories who has participated in the Jockey Club’s “Field So Good Compost Programme”.  This programme is led by the School of Life Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to research and develop in the making of this high-quality organic compost.

Product Description:

  • Research and development by local university
  • 100% local recycled organic resources
  • Local production, low-carbon choice
  • The only organic compost produced by local food wastes on the “List of Approved Material” under HKORC-Cert
  • Increase the content of organic matter in the soil and the activity of beneficial microorganisms
  • Increase soil fertility, improve soil structure, adjust pH, and enhance plant growth


  • Suitable for soil cultivation methods such as nursery planting, potted planting, growing fruit trees, farmland, gardening and greening
  • Suggested mixing ratio (1:5): 1 part of MixO' Plus mixed with 5 parts of soil
  • Increase application rate according to prevailing soil conditions



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