Outdoor Misting Fan A-4C Garden Plus
Outdoor Misting Fan A-4C Garden Plus

Outdoor Misting Fan A-4C

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Outdoor Misting Fan A-4C Garden Plus

Outdoor Misting Fan A-4C

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Outdoor Misting Fan A-4C is perfect for any function festival or event.

With the Centrifugal rolling plate, this remarkable unit has been used at various sports events and stadiums including the Australian Rugby, Food and wine events, Car Shows, and concerts just to name a few.

With a capacity to hold up to 90 liters of water, A-C4 can easily be moved on any hard surface and can run continuously for 12 to 14 hours before it requires to be refilled.

With a built-in cut-off switch, this unit knows when the water is low and will switch off before any damage can be done.

The unit also has the capability to be connected to mains water without the requirement of being refilled to supply a continuous flow of cooling mist. Water is pumped into the centrifugal plate at high speed and the mist produced by the water hitting the plate is measured between 10 to 25 microns.

Due to the centrifugal force, the mist spreads away into the serrated structure of the misting plate and then generates smaller misting particles pushed by an effective air-generated system.

The unit also has protected guards on both the front and back of the unit to prevent anything to inserted into the rotating high-speed fan.




Technical information:

Model No: A-4C
Voltage:  240 Volt
Power (kW): 0.32
Rotation (RPM): 1400
Volume (m/h): 2450
Noise dB (A): <67
Effective Area (m2): 95
Water Cap (L): 94
Size L/mm: 700
Size W/mm: 700
Size H/mm: 2000
Net Weight (kg): 54
Tank usage (H): 12 – 14

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