High Power Misting Fan Garden Plus
High Power Misting Fan Garden Plus

Outdoor Misting Fan MFS-26E

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Outdoor Misting Fan MFS-26E

Outdoor Misting Fan MFS-26E

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  • The Avian-Heart Cloudification System features a gentle nozzle and a serene water device. The amount of cloudification can be easily adjusted with minimal noise. The spraying and air delivery functions are operated separately by meticulously designed control units, ensuring user-friendly operation and simple maintenance. The fan surface is coated with resin powder for excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The main unit is designed with low-temperature rise, employing efficient cooling silicon copper sheets wrapped in copper paint, and equipped with an internal overheating protector for stable operation and longevity. The water pump is equipped with a protective device to prevent damage in case of water depletion in the tank. It offers 90-degree directional adjustment and three-speed control. Its waterproof design ensures safety. Suitable for terraces, factories, residential homes, offices, parking lots, sports venues, and greenhouse flower rooms, among other spaces requiring cooling and humidification.


  • Model : MFS-26E
  • Size : 650/26"     A715/B435/C1930/D612mm
  • Voltage and frequency : 220V/50Hz
  • Tank capacity: 48L
  • Max misting volume : 5L/Hour
  • NO remote control 


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